The application of heat shrink label in beverage

The application of heat shrink label in beverage industry

The characteristics of the heat shrink labels

1. The advantages of heat shrink labels

(1) heat shrink film is of high transparency. So the label looks bright in color and has good gloss.

(2) it can be mass produced and be produced separately from the products.

(3) After contraction heat shrinkable film can be tightly attached to the products, and can show the appearance of the products, making the products even more beautiful.

It has been used by many enterprises such as Ruwawa and Shuangwaiwai fermented yogurt of Hangzhou Wahaha Group.

Special-shaped bottle with suitable design can attracts children’s attention at their first sight.

(4) shrink film is of good wear-resisting performance and high intensity to support the products. The printing is in the inner side of the film, which can protect the printing and help to enhance its wear-resisting performance.

(5) heat shrink packaging technology and equipment is simple but with good heat seal ability. The label does not need to use glue when labelling.

(6) nowadays shapes of beverage container is unique. Designs full of characteristics keeps increasing. Heat shrink film label can clearly show the contour of the beverage container.

Heat shrinkable film can be tightly attached to products and compact the package.

It can be applied to irregular packaging of goods.

That’s the reason why the most of Xiamen Yinlu choose shrink labels for their most products.

7) heat shrink film saves forest resources, reduces costs. It is also easy to use and healthy.

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